Cathy &


August 2022

Wedding ceremony at Villa Richter

Wedding reception at Lobkowicz palace

Canadian-Finnish couple

Cathy and Perttu, as many couples, had to change the date of their wedding due to Covid. During this period they managed to move from one continent to another and have baby. This brought completelly new dimension to the whole celebration. What could be nicer if your son "gives" you the wedding rings (before almost eats it :-).


Firstly thank you for all your help on our wedding day!! We really had such a great time and party and loved the day so much!! We really appreciate all your help on that day and leading up to it !! :).

Thank you again!!


Collaboration :

Photo Katka Koncal | Flowers Inspirito | Video Marek Horava | DJ Jan Meruna | Cake Cakeland

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