my name is Andrea and I would love to be your wedding planner. I organise weddings for more then 20 years, more then 600 done already. I can only laugh when I remember how did it work at the beginning. No Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, inspiration was found in UK wedding magazines and Martha Stewart´s Wedding book. Nowadays wedding world is very online, inspirations and ideas are rolling to us everywhere. And this is also my work about – help you to get oriented in this world, to give meaning and system to everything.

My work is from the beginning also fun, actually it is my 3rd, very spoiled child. I never cared much about PR or marketing, although I have masters degree, it always somehow went smoothly without it. I believe in good jog, done with love. People tell each other about good things a and word of mouth works just the best.

I have organised weddings to clients of different nationalities and professions, from cabinetmakers to chefs, top managers, sportsman, president´s advisors or artists. Big school of live was given years ago, when I organised wedding to the stylist of one of the top world celebrities, who never accepted word not possible.  

Within year and half of work at this wedding I learned here that everything is possible, if you want and also that you can plan things into the tiniest detail, but then everything can change completely and you just have to adapt. We are all creative people in our business and flexibility is just necessary. Althought I knew for more then a year that clients are close to one of the most popular couples in the world, I was always very discreet and clients knew it and very appreciated my atittude.

I believe in a eco-luxe mindset which means that your wedding will reflect your personality, but I will also strive to work and support local vendors, recycle and use ethically-sourced options.

What else should I tell you? I have Masters in economy and marketing. I speak fluently english, a bit worse german and have basics of italian. I enjoy sports – in the winter skialpinism, skiing, in the summer yachting and diving, run all the year along and try work out. I am big foodie and wine lover, that is also why I just have to work out. I like to go to the cinema, enjoy design, I am sociable person that likes fun. I love travelling, also for business, which is amazing reward for all my hard work. And I have 2 amazing kids, they are my biggest live happiness.

So why me? Because I just enjoy it and know what am I talking about.
Truly yours,

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