Johana &


September 2022

Wedding ceremony and reception at Savoia castle

Czech-Armenian couple

Johanka is a model with perfect taste, so basically it was very easy to plan anything with them. Their wedding was in September, so we decided to use autumn colors and flowers that fits perfectly to the garden at the Savoia castle. The weather wasn´t perfect that day, so we decided to move the ceremony inside the castle, which was actually perfect decision - the decor looked there really pretty. And rain did not stop us...We managed to have dinner outside and after guests enjoyed dancing and casino till the morning...Johanka and Argam, you are amazing!


thank you so much! IIt was very demanding with the weather, but what could we do...The result was perfect and we did enjoy it a lot.

Savoia definitelly 10/10. Great service, perfect attitude. WE were really happy with them. And 3x hurray that at the end we could eat in the garden, looked around and rain ddi not come. Hope you will enjoy the gift, I am happy you like it. Where shall we write some testimonial?

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